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Stock equipments

This application facilitates the tracking of all equipments and all accounts in your company. You also benefit for a report section to keep track of number of equipments in your company.

  • Responsive application for mobile devices
  • Can generate handover report for employees
  • Measurement of stock / unavailable equipments
  • Can type all kind of notes with reminders about licences
  • Developments according to customer preferences

Trucks management into warehouse

Truck driver registration application when they arrive at the warehouse. They are registered to be scheduled for loading or unloading. They will receive SMS / email when they have to come to unloading / loading. The advantages of this application:

  • Correct visibility and management of trucks.Portfolio property
  • Easy communication with drivers due to sending sms / whatsapp / email messagesPortfolio date
  • Live status of them
  • Measurement of loading / unloading times
  • Multilingual App
  • Developments according to customer preferences

Register invoice – Web App

The invoice registration application is recommended for medium and big companies with many departments within it. It has the following advantages:

1. Register invoice with automatically register date
2. Generate barcode for each invoice to put on it
3. Scan each barcode to see every employee that scanned it
4. Attach files on every invoice
5. Comment system
6. Many categories of users based on privacy roles
7. It is a web application, available from anywhere from world
8. App customized due to request every customer.

Freight Forwarder – Web App

This is a platform dedicated to transport companies, shipping companies, freight broker companies.

This application facilitates the tracking of all files, invoices, transport orders. You also benefit for a report section to keep track of expenses and income for a period of time.

The application is used depending on the user level, and also is a interactive application where it’s not difficult to use it.

The most important thing is the level of security for this web application.

Personal Rental Monitoring – Web App

This application is dedicated to companies whose activity is the leasing of personnel to customers in the area of ​​storage and logistics, and not only.

This application facilitates the tracking of all employees of the personal rental agency, including: calculation of hours worked per day, per night, calculation of overtime hours worked. Each employee can be assigned to one or more locations.
The timekeeping of each employee can be performed by the team leader or warehouse manager of the associated location.
There is the possibility to extract reports in pdf or excel depending on the type of report desired.

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