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Our team at Safety Giga Solution is made up of eager and hardworking members with over 12 years of IT experience ready to help you with any issues or difficulties you may have.
According to IT users, “best effort” is the words that describe us to be ready to welcome you.

Values, Vision and Missions

In the age of digitalization, every company needs workflow optimization solutions within the company. This aspect can be credited by building applications that can greatly simplify the initial processes.

Whether it is a presentation website, online store, blog, or a company intranet, an application that helps you keep track of tasks, or TMS, WMS, CMS, we are here to come to you with the the best option, regardless of your field of activity.

Already built solutions

You can see some projects below, projects with a major impact on the work processes within the company.

Contact us

For a better understanding, we recommend to contact us through phone or email.